Simple guidelines to fuel your training sessions and races

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Do you still struggle figuring out how to fuel your training and races? Below find some simple guidelines that will help you figure this out!

CHO = carbs
gr = grams
Kg = Kilograms of body weight (to covert your weight to Kg, just diving your current weight in pounds by 2.20462)

Before training/racing:

  • For easy/short sessions/races: < 1 hr – up to 0.5 gr CHO x Kg
  • For intense sessions/mid duration session/races: 1-2 hrs – up to 1 gr CHO x Kg
  • For long sessions: 3hrs > – up to 2 gr CHO x Kg

During training/racing:

  • Sessions/races: < 1hr – small amounts of CHO
  • Sessions/races: 1-2hr – bfast + up to 30 gr of CHO x hr
  • Sessions/races: 2-5hr – bfast + up to 60 gr CHO x hr
  • Sessions/races: 5 hr > – bfast + up to 90gr CHO x hr

After training/racing:

  • Between 0.5 – 1 gr CHO x Kg – the shorter/easier the session/race, the less you need.

Your CHO can come from sport drinks like Skratch Labs, gels, bars, candy, fruit, etc. You can see the amount of CHO by looking at these products nutrition labels (see image below) or using online calculators

It is better to start with less CHO x hr, test it out in training and then, adjust as need it.


    • For a 2 hr run, have your b-fast 2-3 hrs before and during the run consume around 20-30 gr of CHO x hr. This can be as simple as 1 gel plus water per hour.
    • For a 4 hr ride, have your b-fast 2-3 hrs before and during the ride consume 30-60 gr of CHO x hr. This can be as simple as a consuming 24oz water bottle with 3 scoops of Skratch Lab per hour.

Try different products as some work better for some while it may not work for others (cause GI distress).

Also, make sure to consume enough water because if the CHO concentration is too high, it may lead to GI distress, side stitches, etc.

You can mix this up depending on what you enjoy. Some people prefer getting CHO from drinks, others from gels or bars and yet, others get some from drinks and some from gels/bars/fruit.

As you test this on your training, you will find out what works best for you. Do this in advance of your main race and you will make sure fueling is not a reason that prevents you to perform at your very best!

Of course, if you would like us to help you, we can provide a personalized and detail fueling plan based on on your individual needs, goals and limitations! Check our plans here

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