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Performance PRO


Pro Annual Membership (12 month commitment)

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Performance Program
Preferred Coach

This program is ideal for the athletes seeking to take their performance to the next level, looking for a dynamic approach addressing key pillars for performance and periodic coach interaction.  We directly address elements like the periodization, main event fueling & race plan and a functional movement assessment. Also, the program is delivered bi-weekly including a check in with your coach to review your training progress and develop the next training block while considering life: travel, family, work, races, weather, etc.

Suitable for:
  • Athletes seeking a personalized program addressing needs, goals, and limitations.
  • Athletes who have competitive goals.
  • Athletes who want bi-weekly plan delivery and coach interaction to optimize improvements.
  • Athletes with challenging life schedules and hectic lifestyles.
  • Athletes who require regular interaction, frequent feedback & guidance.
Program Includes:
  • 100% Personalized periodization plan delivered bi-weekly
  • Premium account
  • Performance testing & individualized training zones (Heart Rate, Power and/or Pace based)
  • One basic “A” Race fueling plan
  • One “A” Race execution plan (Power/Heart Rate/Pace targets)
  • Post “A” Race Analysis
  • Mid-Season & End of Season analysis
  • Discounts for training camps & other services
  • 15% discount for E3 Training camps
  • 10% discount for biomechanical services (swim analysis, gait analysis, and bike-fit)
  • FREE Admission to E3 Tri Ambassador Team
  • Access to E3 members only area with webinars, video tutorials, guides, live discussions and more!
Coaching Support:
  • Unlimited weekly email/log access to your coach
  • Bi-weekly phone/Skype calls – to review program
  • Bi-weekly training plan adjustments when “life happens”
  • Technique & skill instruction for all 3 sports
  • Equipment recommendations for all 3 sports based on your needs/goals

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