Our Run Analysis & Gait Correction is our most premium, in-depth specialized assessment to help you correct the 4 core principles to improve your performance and/or rehabilitate running-related injuries:

  1. Identify & correct muscle imbalance and/or mobility limitations
  2. Identify & gait irregularities
  3. Improve your body’s durability – If currently injured – address the source of injury (not just treating the symptoms)
  4. Improve your running efficiency

We accomplish all this through: a functional screening to determine muscle imbalance and/or mobility limitations, a detailed video analysis to identify gait irregularities, improve durability (or identify the root of the problem if injured) via strengthening & gait correction and improve your performance with the proper load. By combining this holistic approach, we are able to determine what elements may be affecting your running performance (or causing your run injury), why and how we will correct it.

Run Analysis & Gait Correction 1:30 hr session – $200

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– OR –

1:1 Gait Correction Session Only – $50*

*you must do a run video analysis prior
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Suitable for: non-injured athletes seeking to
  • Correct muscle imbalances & mobility limitations
  • Improve the body’s resilience (reduce chances of injury)
  • Improve running power &  economy
  • Maximize your performance
OR for CURRENTLY injured athletes*:
  • With a chronic injury for which traditional treatment hasn’t worked (i.e. rest, physical therapy, surgery, etc.)
  • With constant recurring injuries (they come back every year or when training at a particular volume)
  • Though not currently sidelined, constantly in pain due to the injury

*IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY INJURED You should schedule a gait analysis AFTER you have received medical professional help, the structural damage has been ruled out and you are able to do short/easy running.

The 1:30 hr session includes:
  • Functional Screening to identify muscle imbalances& mobility limitations
  • Video Analysis
  • Mobility and stability instruction
  • Running technique instruction or gait retraining (if injured)
  • Detailed personalized corrective plan with:
    1. Video analysis comparing mechanics before and after gait correction
    2. Functional strength plan to correct muscle imbalances
    3. Myofascial soft tissue manipulation plan to correct mobility limitations
    4. Run technique instruction to correct biomechanic irregularities.
    5. 1-month plan to implement all of the above,  improve running economy -OR- return to running if injured

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The analysis takes place at 55 Delphinium Pl, The Woodlands TX, 77382.