E3 Training Solutions, LLC is dedicated to helping every day, amateur and elite athletes to achieve superior performance through the latest science, technology and established training concepts. We strive for excellence and quality by increasing our professional knowledge and experience through our investment in research, continual education and simple yet effective training programs

Customer service is our main priority; all our programs are personalized addressing our clients’ specific needs, goals and life limitations instead of forcing preconceived methods or systems that might not address this; we offer training solutions.The combination of knowledge, experience and established training concepts provide an undeniable advantage for our athletes over the competition.

We are devoted  expand our professional network by creating strategic alliances with sport medicine groups, nutritionists, physical rehabilitation centers, industry related brands and other coaching groups to expand the specialization of our services and create a better supporting infrastructure for our customers

Last but not least, E3 Training Solutions, LLC is committed to give back to our community, in particular to help improving the lives of children by helping to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. Our goal is to inform the public about the cause and prevention of childhood obesity as well as to provide support with free youth coaching programs. We will partner with local organizationsto promote running and healthy lifestyle programs.