Our bike-fit improves your bike position comfort & seeks to maximize power generation based on your specific needs, racing goals, and equipment. We use the LEOMO TYPE-R motion analysis technology which allows us to do in-depth biomechanics analysis of the matrix between comfort/sustainable posture, maintaining the maximum power generation and improving efficiency. This technology allows providing live feedback to identify inefficiencies lie pedaling “dead” spots, lateral hip rocking, upper body lateral movement, and more!

We offer 3 options:

Tri/TT Bike-fit – $250*

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The Tri/ TT Bike-fit is specific for Triathlon or Time Trial bike setups.

Road Bike-fit – $175*

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The Road Bike-fit is specific for road bike setups.

Tri/TT Bike-fit PLUS 3D Aero Speed Optimization – $350

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The TT Bikefit + 3D Aero speed optimization simulator is our most premium service, it includes both: a complete bike-fit to optimize your comfort while enhancing your power generation. And speed optimization using our 3D Aero simulator to improve your aerodynamics. Learn more

* If your bike requires re-routing, cutting aero-bar extensions, etc. there will be an extra hourly $40 charge for labor plus parts

Suitable for:

  • Athletes from all levels
  • Athletes struggling with cycling comfort
  • Athletes seeking to maximize power generation
  • Athletes seeking to improve riding aerodynamics
  • Athletes seeking to improve inefficiencies (pedal stroke)
  • Athletes wanting better gear selection based on racing goals

The session Includes:

  • Functional assessment to determine mobility and stability limitations
  • Bike fit utilizing Leomo motion analysis & software for in-depth video analysis
  • Position optimization based on comfort and power generation
  • Gear/position recommendations to maximize aerodynamics

The report includes:

  1. Bike-fit coordinates (using F.I.S.T. system)
  2. Report comparison before/after bike-fit positions
  3. Cycling dynamics metrics such as pedaling “dead” spot, hip lateral movement, etc and action plan.
  4. Recommendations for speed improvements
  5. Video file from analysis

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