We build 100% personalized triathlon programs to match your specific NEEDS, GOALS & LIMITATIONS

All of our programs are 100% Personalized created to address your specific needs, athletic goals, current fitness, experience level and time limitations all while striking a balance between your tri goals and life priorities such as family and work.

Our proven processes and training concepts are backed by our athletes’ results which include first-timers finishing their 1st Sprint-Half Ironman-Ironman, Personal Records, Age Group wins, Overall wins, qualification for National/World Championships (like the Ironman World Championship) and breaking the misconception that athletes can’t get faster with age.

Your goals are our goals and what drives us. The journey is a process of hard work and self-discovery, but we commit to helping you become the best athlete you can be! It doesn’t matter whether your goal is for one specific race or various races in a season or if you need a multi-year plan; whatever the destination, YOUR journey starts here!

We offer 3 different programs:

Consulting Coaching

Performance Program

Premium Program

Choosing the Right Program

While all options provide personalized coaching based on the athlete’s needs, goals, limitations and are guided by our 5 pillars for success:

  1. Training
  2. Recovery
  3. Nutrition
  4. Functional
  5. Life Balance

All of our basic, performance and premium programs are available either on a regular month-to-month basis or through our PRO annual membership.

What’s a Regular month-to-month program? 

It’s a fully personalized program that gives you the flexibility get training for specific periods of time. (i.e. you only coaching for 6 months). It’s is best suitable for:

  • Athletes with limited training time until main event (i.e. A race is 5 months away).
  • Athletes who only want coaching support for a specific period.

What is PRO annual membership program?

It’s an annual membership with a discounted monthly rate and other perks for those athletes that consider Triathlon a lifestyle, who understand that triathlon developments involve a process that takes time and/or who have long-term Triathlon goals. This allows us to help you more thoroughly by specifically address weaknesses, improve biomechanics, correct imbalances, improve body composition, make you a well-rounded triathlete and maximize your performance. It is suitable for:

  • For athletes that triathlon is a fundamental part of their lifestyle
  • Athletes with very hectic schedules
  • For athletes who embrace a process-based approach with long-term development goals (i.e., Finishing your 1st half Ironman this season and your 1st Ironman the next season)
  • Athletes with specific performance -or- competition demands require a customized training approach. (i.e., Qualifying for a World Championship like Kona or 70.3 in the 1st season and preparing to compete at an Ironman in the 2nd season)
  • For developing competitive age groups & elite athletes