At E3 Triathlon Coaching we are committed to helping you achieve superior performance through proven training concepts, sports physiology, and technological tools.

We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach or force athletes to mold into a “system”. Instead, we use our knowledge and experience to address your specific needs, goals, and limitations. Accordingly, we design an individualized program striking the right balance between your athletic goals and life priorities.

We don’t coach based on gimmicks and we don’t believe in shortcuts. Our athletes succeed thanks to our process-based model and simple principles like hard work, consistency, specificity, and discipline.

We follow an integrative approach addressing various aspects of triathlon training including personalized programs, individual testing, nutritional programs, functional assessments, race execution, biomechanics, skills, gear advice and more.

We work with a limited number of athletes, which allows us to provide the best possible service to your specific needs and goals. Our programs and features treat every athlete as a unique individual in order to match athletic goals with your life priorities.

About Our Coaches

We take pride in our ability to develop personalized programs based on YOUR individual needs, goals, and limitations as opposed to forcing you to fit into a cookie cutter “system”. Our coaches are USA Triathlon certified, have years of racing & coaching experience, may hold various certification (USA Track and Field, USA Cycling, USA Swimming, Precision Nutrition, etc.) and go through our intensive 3-month internal E3 coach certification.

Since our inception in 2011, our coaches have helped a wide range of athletes to achieve their goals ranging from finishing their 1st sprint ever, to completing their 1st 70.3/Ironman, to producing numerous personal bests, multiple Ironman/70.3 World Championship qualifier/wins/podiums and produced Ironman/70.3 champions. Some accomplishments include:

  • Multiple first-time sprint/Oly/70.3/Ironman finishers
  • Countless personal bests
  • Multiple Ironman/70.3/Oly/Sprint podiums
  • Countless AG wins/podiums
  • USA Triathlon All American Honors
  • Regional Long and Short USAT Champions
  • National Champions
  • Ironman/70.3 Champions
  • Help develop elite/pro triathletes
E3 Coaching Levels Overview
  • E3 level 1 coach has years of racing experience, are USA Triathlon & E3 level 1 certified and have at least 2 years of coaching experience.
  • E3 Level 2 coach has years of racing experience, are USA Triathlon Level 1-2 & E3 Level 2 certified, may have other certifications like USA Track and Field, USA Cycling, USA Swimming, Precision Nutrition, etc. and over 5 years of coaching experience
  • E3 level 3 (elite) coach has years of racing experience. are USAT Level 1-3 & E3 level 3 certified, have other certifications like USA Track and Field, USA Cycling, USA Swimming and/or Precision Nutrition, and have over 10 years of coaching experience

Meet our coaches!