Warm-up routine

Learn this simple yet effective warm-up routine that you can use for any of your program’s training session This is a simple warm-up routine we recommend for our athletes. It’s a great way to prepare the body to better handle any running, cycling, strength and even swimming training session. The routine includes 11 exercises: For […]


Plyometrics Routine

In this video we share some of our favorite plyometrics exercise we regularly recommend for our athletes. It’s a great way to increae your strength and economy of movement for running, cycling, and swimming. The routine includes 18 exercises: LOWER DIFFICULTY Hot & colds Lunges jumps w/ pause Single leg hop Squat jumps Lunges jumps […]


E3 Tri Team Group Training Winter/Spring

Winter group Training From January 1st, 2018 until April 29th, 2018 Through the winter and early Spring, team members will be hosting Sunday Group Training (SGT). The SGTs are for team members and some *may be open* to E3 friends. If that is the case, the details will be posted on our Public E3 Facebook […]