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Great racing weekend for E3 athletes, coaches and friends.

Tracy Douglas overcame the elements and the tough day thrown at her at Ironman St. George and she had a rewarding 10th AG, specially when considering a lot of her peers DNF.

Alaina Case Neary had her debut racing as a pro athlete at the Rev3 Knoxville Oly and after experiencing what she called ‘newb mistakes’ and technical issues, she finished top 20. Great learning experience for races to come at her focus distance, 70.3s

Coach Brian MacIlvain raced the Providence Half marathon and posted a PR and finished 4th OA with a 1:16:58 time. E3 friend Carolyn Pfalzgraf raced the marathon and finished 6th OA with a 3:08h time.

Jay Meeks also raced the Rev3 Knox Oly. After helping him recovered from a long lasting ITB injury when he joined E3, he successfully completed the race finishing 10th AG. Great result as we can continue to move forward building up his fitness.

Nadim Rabbani raced the Toronto marathon and PRs with a 3:37h under coach Brett’s guidance (congrats to both!)

Dan Arnett competed at the Mountain Madness Triathlon as a team relay (with EC coach Tatyana Spencer) and they took the win!

Congratulations to E3 athlete Aaron Beer and friends (and liver lovers) Gayle Love, Megan Gaston, Billy Theodat, Shawn McCormack, Sheri Olivet and Lauren Gainor who completed the Tough Mudder obstacles race and have fun in the process.

Congratulations everyone!

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