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Busy racing weekend for E3 athletes, coaches and friends. Some great results, some tough days and PRs!

  • Dan Arnett had another great weekend finishing 6th OA and 1st AG at the Tanner Sprint.
  • Brett Johnston completed his 1st 50k ever in 4:35hrs, next stop, 50 miler
  • Gayle Oulighan posted a new PR at the Groton 10K race, 2nd PR of the year!
  • Julie Gallagher got her 1st cycling road racing experience having a challenging day at the Quabbin race, still, a solid day!
  • Andrew Thompson had a challenging day at the office during his Olympic race. Still, not bad for a new dad who have had little sleep in the past weeks 🙂
  • Aaron Beer had a solid day and I believe a new PR at his 10K race
  • Patricia Brownell had a tough day during her half marathon. Still, not bad considering she had the extra challenge with her blood sugar levels.
  • Ryan Case posted a PR at his 50K race finishing in 4:11hrs, good for 4th OA, 1st AG
Congratulations Everyone!

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