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We are the premier endurance coaching group in New England. We are committed to helping every day, amateur and professional athletes achieve superior performance through the use of proven evidence-based concepts, practical experience and technology.



We offer One-on-One Coaching programs, Performance Training Plans, Online Coaching, Nutritional programs, Group Coaching and Biomechanical Analysis.

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Join our E3 Tri Team and Elite Team

E3 Training Solutions is committed to helping every day, amateur and elite athletes achieving superior performance through proven training concepts, latest science and technology. We offer Full Integrative Coaching Programs, Nutritional Programs, Performance Analysis, and more.  We offer three Triathlon Teams: … Continue reading

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Introducing the PRO Program!

For the 2015 season we are introducing our PRO program; this is a way to get our services at a discounted cost with added benefits such as free classes, training camps discounts, sponsors product, etc. Simply, choose one of our … Continue reading

Power and Pace Calculators

Swim Bike and Run Calculators now available!