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Regular month-to-month program

Basic PRO


Pro Annual Membership (12 month commitment)

Sign up today and we will review your specific training history, health, current fitness levels, triathlon needs, triathlon goals, work & family commitments and time availability before we develop any personalized program.


This program is ideal for the self-sufficient athletes seeking a structured training plan and simple coaching support by addressing basic performance pillars elements like the periodization training plan. The program is delivered every 4 weeks and includes basic coach interaction/communication. This enables athletes the flexibility to adjust the structure of the program in a personal way and get other services on an “as need it” basis.

Suitable for:
  • Athletes seeking a personalized program addressing needs, goals, and limitations.
  • Athletes who don’t need constant of coaching interaction or communication
  • Athletes with predictable schedules that don’t need constant training modifications.
  • Athletes that don’t require specific advice like race planning, execution/fueling plans and if needed, may require certain mechanical or nutrition analysis on an “as need it” basis.
Program Includes:
  • 100% Personalized periodization plan delivered montly basic account
    Performance testing & individualized training zones (Heart Rate, Power and/or Pace based)
  • Discounts for E3 Training camps
  • Discounts for FreeSpeed Lab services
Coaching Support:
  • Limited weekly email/training log access to your coach
  • Monthly calls (as need it)
  • Basic Technique & skill advice for all 3 sports
  • Basic Equipment recommendations for all 3 sports

For Coach Levels description, click here. For more info about the PRO membership, click here.

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