Your personalized fueling plan is developed based on your specific needs, goals, fitness level, and racing targets. This includes fueling recommendations for every-day training based on your current training load, detailed nutrition plan for the week leading up to the main event, race day breakfast, detailed race fueling sports specific per hour and post-race nutrition. This will take the guessing out of your training and allow you to avoid fueling mistakes during your races. In particular, if you have had cramping problems, dehydration, overheating, G.I. distress or fueling hasn’t allowed you to achieve peak performance during your races. Our plans address & resolve these issues. Don’t let all your hard work and training go to waste due to a race day fueling mistake!

Triathlon Fueling Plan

  • 2  race distances (Ironman, 70.3 AND/OR Olympic) – $200 

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– OR –

  • 1 Triathlon race distance (Ironman, 70.3 AND/OR Olympic) – $125 

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Our Fueling plan Addresses the 3 cornerstones for optimal performance
  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Electrolytes
  3. Fluids
Program Includes:
  • Initial consultation & instruction for sweat testing
  • 100% personalized fueling plan distance specific with detailed instructions on how to fuel on race day.
  • A detailed plan addressing your carbohydrates, fluids, and electrolytes individual needs
  • Consultation to review your individual fueling plan and implementation
  • Detailed nutrition plan for the week leading up to your main event (carbo/hydration/electrolytes loading)
  • Specific Race day breakfast for optimal performance
  • Post-race nutrition for optimal recovery
  • Training fuel recommendations based on training load (session duration & intensity)

We can precisely determine your individual electrolytes loss with the Levelen Sweat Electrolyte Test. It uses a patch to collect a sweat sample during a bike/run session that is later lab analyzed to determine your individual electrolyte loss. Electrolytes are important because they affect the hydration of the body, help regulate fuel oxidation and are critical for nerve activation and muscle contraction. Also, electrolytes regulate specific physiological mechanisms that delay muscle fatigue. Hence electrolytes depletion affect water absorption and when it is extreme, can result in debilitating muscle cramps. This is why sweat & electrolyte analysis is vital to know what your body needs in order to prevent a decrease in your performance (heat-related issues, muscle cramps, etc.) and optimize recovery.

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