Our nutritional plan is developed based on your specific needs to focus on addressing nutritional deficiencies, improve body composition and maximize your performance.

Nutritional Plan – $200


  • Plan adjustments + 3 month consultation (1 per month) – $150
  • Single consultation – $65
  • Fueling Plan – $150 for 3 race distances, $75 for single race distance
  • Athletic Blood Work Analysis – $50 (Blood metabolic panel cost is not included – this may be covered by health insurance)

Nutrition Plans


We use principles from the Precision Nutrition Certification Program bringing common sense to the table (pun intended!) helping you develop an easy to follow plan based on your specific needs, goals, fitness level, gender, age and body composition goals in order to address nutrition deficiencies and maximize your performance.

It is important to note that this program is NOT a diet. We don’t believe in diets or on a one-size fits all approaches because the drastic changes suggested in diets are often unrealistic, inflexible and unsustainable resulting in frustration and ultimately in failure.

We teach you how to take a simple approach to make the changes needed to perform better in daily life activities, training and racing. These simple changes will create better habits that ultimately will improve the quality of everyday nutrition.


  • Consultation to review athlete’s Needs, Goals & Limitations
  • Everyday nutrition analysis
  • Body composition test
  • Personalized nutritional plan based on your goals, gender, body type, current training load and more,  broken down by meals and servings.
  • E3 nutrition guide
  • Example menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, training fuel, etc.)
  • Skype call to discuss plan details & implementation

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