E3 Training Solutions is proudly supported  by some of the best companies in the industry. We have chosen these products or services based on our athletes feedback and because these are companies that help our athletes perform at their very best.

Founded in 1922, Landry’s Bicycles is now rated as one of “America’s Best Bike Shops” — with a growing family of bicycle stores located in Boston, Braintree, Natick, Norwood, and Westboro, Massachusetts. Landry’s Bicycles has also been nationally recognized as National Bicycle Dealer of the Year for supporting bicycle advocacy.

PowerBar was created by athletes, for athletes.reach their goals by providing nutrition tools for optimum athletic performance.

Since 1993, Blueseventy has designed, tested, refined and crafted wetsuits and swimskins that transcend the confines of what is possible.

EC3D optimal compression technology is the result of 15 years of state-of-the-art technological innovation for the medical field woven with a devotion to the active lifestyle.

Beets are a vegetable and a natural superfood that offers powerful health and nutritional benefits. The current interest in beets juice is on the rise because research studies state that beets juice is the richest source of Dietary Nitrates

Although new to triathlon, Castelli is a recognized speed leader in cycling and now are working hard to become the leaders in Tri apparel.

Other of our sponsors: