The one-on-one swim analysis & stroke correction is our most in depth and successful service. Via the video analysis we can pinpoint what elements of your freestyle stroke need correction and determine why you it may be affecting your performance. And during the stroke correction will teach you how to make the proper corrections to improve your performance.

It is specific for triathletes and open water swimmer from all levels; from ‘newbies’ who need to master the freestyle swim basics, to more season athletes struggling to improve their performance and even to proficient swimmers seeking to enhance their skills and gain that extra edge.

Swim Analysis & Stroke Correction – $200

The session lasts around the 75-90 minutes; we’ll help you identify stroke deficiencies with video analysis, teach you proper technique stroke mechanics and address muscle/flexibility imbalances. For a FOLLOW UP session, please scroll down for info.

It Includes:

  • HD video analysis and review – 15-20 min
  • Stroke Correction with Technique Instruction – 50-60 min
  • Training Plan with specific drills and visualizations for your specific needs

The analysis will take place at The Boys & Girls Watertown located at 25 Whites Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472

You will need to bring:

  • Swimming gear (suit, goggles, cap, etc.)
  • Water/sports drink
  • Any  swim tools you may regularly use.


If you have already completed the Swim Analysis & Stroke Correction and you want to follow swim analysis or a one-on-one stroke correction session – click here.

For any questions, contact us today!