Our bike-fit improves your bike position comfort & maximize power generation based on your specific needs, racing goals and equipment. The speed optimization helps you improve your race setup aerodynamics based on your current equipment & gear.

Bike Analysis Speed Optimization – $175

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Suitable for:

  • Athletes from all levels
  • AGers struggling with cycling comfort
  • To maximize power generation
  • Improve riding aerodynamics
  • Better gear selection based on your goals

It Includes:

  • Functional assessment to determine mobility and stability limitations
  • Bike fit on smart trainer
  • Position optimization and power assessment
  • Gear/position recommendations to maximize aerodynamics
  • Detailed HD mpeg video analysis with specialized motion capture software
  • Detailed assessment with:
  1. Fit coordinates (using F.I.S.T. system)
  2. Frontal Projected Area & Coefficient of Drag
  3. Resistance training program to address muscle imbalances


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