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Triathlon YouCoach – $50 / 4 week block

What is it?

Our  online service offers semi-personalized training plans designed by our team based on your needs, goals and limitations. This and the access to “members only” area with guides, videos, webcasts & training articles as well as the private forum for the ongoing expert support from our coaches provides you with a complete plan at a lower cost.

We offer pre-season and race specific plans for Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman with different duration & skill levels. Unlike other online services, ours plans are delivered in 4-week blocks with a “fitness progress” assessment to recommend the following 4-week block that will better suit your specific needs. This flexible approach will maximize your fitness gains!


Suitable for:

  • Athletes seeking a ‘Do It Yourself’ model. In simple words; we provide you with plan/workouts, the tools (guides, testing, videos, etc.),  expert coaching support and YOU do the Coaching tailored to your needs.
  • Those who want to have a direct control over their training.
  • Athletes that require minimal coaching.
  • Those with flexible schedules.

How does it work?

It is very simple:

  1. Fill up a fitness assessment; we analyze it and based on that we deliver the plan that better suits your needs, goals and limitations.
  2. You receive your training plan and access to “members only” area with guides, videos, webcasts and training articles and private forum to ask  E3 coaches any questions.
  3. YOU Coach to continue to improve and achieve your goals!

What does YouCoach include?

  • Initial fitness assessment
  • Periodization Season Planner
  • 4 week Training plan
  • Monthly plan progress assessment
  • Unlimited online support via our private forum
  • Access to “members only” area with guides, videos, webcasts and training articles
  • Discount for performance services and training camps

What doesn’t it include?

YouCoach is an online program hence it is neither personalized coaching nor do we provide personalized training plans; for that we Personalized Coaching Programs

  • This service doesn’t include the integrative services (fueling plans, race plans, biomechanical analysis, race modeling, coaching interaction, etc.)
  • Our coaches won’t monitor or provide specific feedback on training sessions
  • You do not receive a training log
  • You don’t have an assigned coach

Plans available:

  • 8 week pre-season foundation plans (all distances),
  • Ironman 20 week plans (3 different levels)
  • Half-Ironman 16 week plans (3 different levels)
  • Olympic 12 week plans (3 different levels)

Options include plans based on power-meter/GPS, Heart Rate or Perceived Exertion.