Triathlon Fueling Plans

Your personalized plan is developed address your fueling needs during racing based on your specific needs, goals, fitness level, gender, age sweat rate, electrolyte needs* and weight. If you have experienced cramping problems, G.I. distress or other fueling issues during your races, this help you resolve these issues.

Our coaches will meet with you to develop your optimal race fueling protocol tailored for your specific race demands: distance, terrain, weather and it will include macro-nutrient, fluids and electrolyte intake for the days leading up to the race, the morning of the race, during the race (broken down by each sport by fluid/calorie/electrolytes intake per hour) and after the race.

We simply take “the guessing” out of equation and help you maximize your performance. Don’t let all your hard work and training go to waste due to fueling mistakes on race day!

Multi-Distance Plans:

Premium Fueling Plan – (Olympic, Half-Ironman & Ironman)- $99 w/ Sweat Electrolyte Test* additional $76

Single-Distance Plans:

Basic Fueling Plan (for a single race distance) – $59 w/ Sweat Electrolyte Test* additional $76

Through a particular fuel analysis and testing, we’ll develop the optimal fueling plan that will help you achieve peak performance.

* SWEAT ELECTROLYTE TEST * When your body dehydrates by as little as 2% it negatively impacts your performance by as much as 30%, and electrolytes loss can lead to heat-induced muscle cramping or affect other physiological processes, in particular muscle contraction.

Knowing your sweat rate (loss) is very important for optimal performance, however while sweat loss is generally linked to size (larger athletes typically sweat more) and gender (males sweat more than females), the concentration of electrolytes loss varies for each individual. Yet, electrolyte loss is rarely address in fueling plans and usually done in a general way because the only way to determine your needs is via a lab test. With our Sweat Electrolyte analysis using a sweat patch sample we identify your specific losses to provide the optimal intake.

Our Fueling plan Addresses the 3 cornerstones for optimal performance

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Electrolytes.
  3. Fluids

The Fueling Plan Includes:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Detailed Fueling Plan & implementation Consultation

Race fueling plan break down:

  1.  Sweat Rate Analysis for optimal fluid/calorie intake –OR– Sweat & Electrolyte Test* for optimal fluid, electrolyte and calorie intake
  2. Pre-race Loading plan: macro-nutrients, fluid and electrolytes intake for optimal muscle fuel storage leading up to the race. (what to eat up to 3 days before the race)
  3. Pre-race morning macro-nutrients, fluid and electrolyte intake for optimal liver fuel storage (what to consume before the race).
  4. Carbs, Fluids and Electrolyte intake during the race divided by sport & intake per hour for optimal performance
  5. Post-race macro-nutrients, fluid and electrolyte intake yo maximize recovery

The plan can be developed for a single event or for up to 3 different race distances (i.e. Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman).

It includes a phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and a follow up when the plan is completed to discuss plan details/implementation for training/racing and address specific questions.

Sample Plan

Questions? CONTACT US!