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E3TS Announcement

We are very excited to announce that for the 2013 season, Swiftwick will be supporting our Coaches, Elite Team and athletes with their quality products and discounts.

About Swiftwick – there are ordinary socks, and then there are Swiftwick socks. One pair will convert you for life. At E3, we have been wearing them for a while now and we can guarantee it’s the best sock you’ll ever wear.  Their Performance Line socks are knitted at 200 needles; the highest density you’ll find in socks. The higher the needle count, the tighter the knit and that prevents debris or foreign material from penetrating your sock to cause irritation and blistering.

This structure creates a second-skin feel, prevents shifting or bunching and eliminates the risk of friction blisters while making your shoes fit more comfortably. Every Swiftwick sock is a compression sock they are the most comfortable ones we have tried. Trust me, we have tried many of the most popular brands!

Their vision is to be the leader in sock technology while creating a culture focused on manufacturing the best products through environmentally friendly means, social responsibility, and superior customer service. All their production is domestic which affords them improved quality control. Swiftwick is proud to employ an American workforce, with all of their socks made in Tennessee.

Check out their triathlon specific products and stay tuned for promotions.

Look for our athletes and team sporting some Swiftwick throughout the 2013 season!