About the Team

The E3 Tri Ambassador Team is for those athletes who enjoy a friendly, fun & supportive athletic community and share a passion triathlon. This team is ideal for individuals of all athletic levels regardless of your experience level or goals: from beginners to seasoned athletes. If you have the desire to spread the triathlon love & enjoy the “Tri Life” this is your team! You’ll receive sponsors product/discounts support, access to group training/camps, race support at specific races and access to our online team community (forum, webinars, articles, etc.)

We welcomed anyone, which means you are not required to enroll in a coaching program; but you’ll receive exclusive discounts/deals for all our programs/services *if* you choose to enroll in one. We have an ongoing enrollment all year


Our Mission

The E3 Tri Ambassador Team celebrates the E3 motto: Endure, Exceed and Enjoy  and is built upon 3 pillars:

  • Community: Athletes committed to creating a strong, friendly and supportive triathlon community while practicing the sport we love.
  • Competition: Athletes who view triathlon as a lifestyle and are ready to do the hard work to reach their goals.
  • Camaraderie: Athletes who work hard, but also enjoy a fun social environment and embrace encouraging fellow teammates and triathletes.

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Should you apply?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, this team is for you:

  • You enjoy a supportive team environment.
  • For you, triathlon is a lifestyle.
  • You seek a balance between your athletic goals and life priorities (family/work/social).
  • You want to share with others your love/passion for the sport.
  • You enjoy representing the sport and sponsors.
  • You are welcoming of athletes of all levels.
Team Benefits for 2017

As an E3 Ambassador team member, you will receive product/discounts from our sponsors. You will also receive coaching discounts, access to group training, coached sessions, team specific training camps/clinics and our online community via Facebook group, webinars, team meetings, guides, etc.


  • Sponsor product & discounts (2017 included): Quintana Roo, Blueseventy, Levelen, VeloFix, Castelli, SaltStick, BeetBoost, Rudy Project, Swiftwick, Elevated Legs, RacePak & Kalahari Biltong, RolfPrima and more!
  • E3 Tri Team T-shirt & water bottle
  • Eligible to purchase Team Racing Kit (You have to enroll before February 2017 to be eligible for the 2017 team order)
  • Discounts for training gear and other casual gear
  • Discount in coaching programs
  • Special Rates for Performance Services (swim/run analysis), Nutrition Plans and Fueling plans.
  • Discounts for training camps
  • FREE access to Group training, clinics, and team webinars.
  • Access to our online team community (Facebook group, webinars, articles, etc.)
Commitments as E3 Tri Team Ambassador
  • Enroll and cover $50 annual membership
  • Complete a minimum of two (2) races during the 2018 season.
  • Wear the E3 Team uniform at ALL Tri events & podium shirt for ALL awards ceremonies.
  • Be active in social media & follow our team sponsors.
  • Keep the team updated regarding your race schedule and results.

The E3 Triathlon Ambassador Team has open enrollment ALL year long. However, to be eligible for the 2018 uniforms and some team benefits, you have to enroll by December 31, 2017. ENROLL TODAY!

For any questions CONTACT US TODAY!