This service is ideal for triathletes/open water swimmers who have completed any of our Swim Analysis & Stroke Correction sessions or attended any of our swim clinics and want to continue addressing swim mechanics and improving performance. ** If you haven’t done a swim analysis, please click here **

One-on-One Stroke Correction – $70 x 60 min session (4 sessions x $250)

The session lasts 60 minutes; we’ll continue to work on the stroke mechanics identified during your swim analysis, teach you proper technique drills, visualizations and provide live feedback with our underwater communication system; you swim while our coach provides live instruction to correction your mechanics.

It Includes:

  • Personalized Stroke Correction with Technique Instruction – 60 min
  • Workout based on your needs and fitness level
  • Specific drills and visualizations work for your current specific needs

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