Performance Plans


We create a personalized training plan addressing your specific needs, time limitations and athletic goals for a particular race or for an entire season.

This option is a great alternative for athletes seeking structured training and coaching support without the full integration of our other programs.This allows the athlete flexibility to tweak the structure in a personal way and get other services as need it.

Our programs are evidence-based in basic physiology and proven training concepts that have produced remarkable performances from elite to recreational athletes.

Here you won’t find any marketing buzz, no magic ‘systems’ and no shortcuts. Our athletes succeed based on hard and consistent work.

Performance Plan
Level 1/2 Coach – $175 /4 weeks block + ‘one time’ $100 setup fee

PRO* Performance (12 month membership)
Level 1/2 Coach – $150 /4 weeks block

PRO benefits - this is an annual membership program offered at a reduced fee ($350+ yearly savings), with a post-season rate (50% off) that allows for long term planning resulting in greater performance results. In includes an annual plan and various discount for training camps, group classes and clinics only available for members. Compare differences in this comparison table

– NOT available with Level 3 coaches –

Learn about our coaches and different levels

Race specific plans can be scheduled for 12 or more weeks targeting an specific race.
The annual membership requires a 52 week commitment and the plan will be developed around your target races

Training Plans Includes:

  • Initial Fitness Assessment
  • Periodization Plan
  • Personalized training plan (delivered every 4 weeks)
  • Online training log hosted on Training Peaks (basic account)
  • Field testing & training zones based on Heart Rate or Power/Pace.
  • Access to E3 Training Solutions Training Guides.
  • Admission to E3 Tri Team (*membership dues apply)
  • Discounts with E3TS Sponsors and Supporters
  • E3TS water bottle

Coach Support:

  • Unlimited Training log feedback.
  • Limited interaction with your coach (email only).
  • Access to E3TS multi-media content including webinars, webcasts, podcasts, etc.
  • Access to E3TS private forum to interact with coaches and athletes.
  • Monthly conference calls with your coach to address specific training questions (as needed)

All questions/concerns will be responded within 24hrs during the week and 48hrs during the weekend

Discounted Services:

* Our athletes can expect a response within 24hrs during week days and 48hrs during weekends


  1. PRO* Members get 48 weeks at membership rate and will also receive 4 weeks the ‘off-season’ rate - 50% off reduce