Clinical Run Gait Analysis


Clinical Gait Analysis – $225

It includes Initial Consultation, Functional Movement Assessment, Gait Video Analysis, Results & Treatment Plan and the first 4 weeks of the  Functional & Technique Rehab program

Thereafter the Functional & Technique Rehabilitation Program cost – $150 per 4 week block which includes assessments follow up, 1:1 consultation, functional patterns re-training, training program, etc.

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What is a Clinical Gait Analysis?

Is the process in which functional movements are evaluated, bio-mechanic gait characteristics are measured, abnormalities are identified and treatments are proposed. Our assessment was developed with experts in different fields such as biomechanics, soft tissue rehabilitation and physical therapy following the latest testing protocols/technology that will provide valuable feedback to enhance your injury rehabilitation.

Who Can Benefit From It?

Currently injured athletes with difficult to diagnose running, cycling or swimming related injuries for which traditional treatments such as rest, physical therapy or other have been unsuccessful and attempts to return to training/activity has been unsuccessful

How Does It Work?

It is a detailed assessment of the athlete’s injury history. Followed by functional movement evaluation to identify mobility and stability imbalances. We continue with a gait analysis filming the athlete running* from different angles. Finally, our interdisciplinary team analyze the videos using specialized motion capture software and develops specific rehabilitation program.

* Cycling/Swimming related injuries can also get evaluated

The Interdisciplinary Assessment Team

Our expert team includes a physical therapy, a biomechanist and coach specialized in functional movement. Collectively, the team reviews all information collected, identifies potential causes and recommends treatments. These treatments may include physical therapy, soft tissue injury treatment, myofascial release technique, functional technique movement re-training or in most cases, a combination of some/all.

It Includes:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss Injury history (20-30 min)
  • Functional Movement Evaluation – (20-30 min)
  • Gait Video Analysis (HD video) – (30-45 min)
  • Interdisciplinary Team Assessment and treatment recommendations
  • MPEG Video files for analysis
  • Follow up meeting with coach to review all materials and discuss treatment recommendations
  • Personalized Functional Strength Training program
  • Initial Functional & Technique Rehab program
  • 1:1 coached session

*  Notice this service is different from our performance run gait analysisPlease keep in mind this service is recommended after an athlete has received professional advice, structural damage has been ruled out and the traditional treatments have been unsuccessful.