Our Run Gait Analysis is and in-depth video assessment of your functional strength, mobility limitations and running mechanics. It is aimed to correct muscle imbalances, mechanical deficiencies, improve economy and performance.

Run Gait Analysis – $225

Suitable to:
  • Improve their running economy
  • Correct run mechanics
  • Address muscle/flexibility imbalances
  • Maximize performance
  • If you are not currently injured.

 It Includes:
  • Functional strength and mobility assessment
  • Run gait video analysis
  • Review of running technique cues
  • HD mpeg video analysis with specialized motion capture software
  • Detailed report with:
    1. Functional assessment results
    2. Personalized strength program
    3. Personalized Self-Myofascial Active Release and stretching program
    4. Personalized run technique program to correct mechanic deficiencies
  • Skype call to review all materials and discuss program implementation.

* If you are currently struggling with a chronic injury; then you’ll need the Rehabiluation Gait Analysis, a more in depth evaluation provided by our team of rehabilitation specialists.

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