Our Run Gait Analysis is our most premium in-depth video assessment to help you address injuries or improve economy and performance. Through a functional movement screening, we will identify of your strength & mobility limitations And with the video analysis, we will determine what mechanics limitations. Using these, we will determine what’s elements are affecting your running (or causing injury), why that may be occurring and how you can correct it.

Run Gait Analysis – $200

Suitable for/to:
  • Improve their running economy
  • Correct run mechanics
  • Address muscle/flexibility imbalances
  • Maximize performance
  • Running with chronic running related injuries.

 It Includes:
  • Functional strength and mobility assessment
  • Run gait video analysis (HD mpeg) with specialized motion capture software
  • instruction regarding running technique cues & visualizations
  • Detailed report with:
    1. Functional assessment screening
    2. Personalized corrective strength program
    3. Personalized Self-Myofascial Active Release and stretching program
    4. Personalized run technique program to correct mechanic deficiencies.


* If you are currently struggling with a chronic injury, you can schedule a gait analysis AFTER you have received medical professional help and structural damage has been ruled out *

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