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For the 2015 season we are introducing our PRO program; this is a way to get our services at a discounted cost with added benefits such as free classes, training camps discounts, sponsors product, etc. Simply, choose one of our programs and give us 12 months to prepare the best training program to help you achieve your best performances yet!

All our programs are 100% personalized created to address your specific needs, athletic goals, time limitations while striking a balance your life priorities like family and work. Here you won’t find any marketing buzz, no magic ‘systems’ and no shortcuts. Our athletes succeed based on hard and consistent work.

Check our different options

Our Full Integration Program is our top of the line service with a complete approach ideal for those athletes with challenging time constraints and/or those seeking to bring their performance to the next level. We address your specific athletic goals, target your individual needs and consider your limitations, all to strike the optimal balance between peak athletic performance and life priorities (family, work, etc.)

We follow an integrative approach addressing all elements of a triathlon program including a fully personalized plan, nutrition, testing, fueling, biomechanical analysis, execution plans, one-on-one sessions and performance modeling; all vital for maximal performance.

Our Basic Integration Program is an ideal option for the athlete seeking an integrative approach addressing important elements of triathlon training without the all the features available in the Full Integration

The Performance Plan is a great alternative for athletes seeking structured training and coaching support without the full integration of our other programs.This allows the athlete flexibility to tweak the structure in a personal way and get other services as need it.

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