The E3 Tri Team is for the athletes committed to create a strong, friendly and supportive triathlon community while practicing the sport we love. Our team is ideal for those who want to share their passion with fellow athletes, for those who view triathlon as a lifestyle and/or for those ready to do the hard work and make the sacrifices to reach their goals. Our teams members vary from beginners who have completed or will be completing their first Triathlon EVER, to those who finished their 1st 70.3/Ironman, those who posted personal bests,  to elite age groupers and even USAT National and Ironman/70.3 Champions.

The team is broken into three groups:



The E3 Tri Ambassador Team is for those athletes who enjoy a friendly, fun & supportive athletic community and share a passion triathlon. This team is ideal for individuals of ALL athletic levels regardless of your experience level or goals. If you have the spirit to “triathlon” & enjoy the “Tri Life”, this team is for you! You’ll receive sponsors product/discounts, access to group training, training camps, race support at our race series and access to our online team community (forum, webinars, articles, etc.) For this team, we welcomed everyone hence you are NOT required to enroll in a coaching program, but you’ll receive exclusive discounts *if you choose* to enroll in a program or service. We have an ongoing enrollment all year. Learn more

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Our NEW E3 Age Group Performance Team is ideal for those who view triathlon as a key part of their lifestyle, are ready to do the hard work and make the sacrifices to reach the top of the age group ranks. You will receive support in the form of coaching programs, sponsorship product/deals, team training camps, group training, performance-based incentives (i.e. free sponsors products/gear), media promotion, online community and more. With a lot of hard work & dedication, our 2015-2016 members have made the jump to front of the pack competing for the top honors in the AG ranks. You are required to enroll in a coaching program. Lean more


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The E3 Elite Team is for athletes that have reached the top level of success in the AG ranks, met the USA Triathlon pro/elite criteria as an Age Grouper -OR- already compete as elites. You will receive support in the form exclusive sponsorship product/deals, elite coaching services, team specific training camps, performance-based incentives (i.e. cash bonus and/or free sponsors products/gear), multimedia presence & promotion, online team forum and team management in order to help you develop & realize your full athletic potential competing at the top of the sport. Our team members have been qualifying for 70./Ironman/ITU World Championships since our inception, have posted multiple wins/podiums and produced numerous National/Ironman/70.3 Champions. You are required to enroll in a coaching program. Learn more