E3 Simple Rules to Fuel your Long Runs

In this short guide I teach you how to develop a simple yet highly effective fueling plan for your long run workouts and races. You can use it as a starting point to develop your fueling plan and tweak as your test it during your long runs. Whether you are training for your next marathon […]

Cold weather running

Layer Up! What to wear when running in frigid temperatures.

For those of us living in the Northeast, it is not secret that through the winter whether training to run a marathon, triathlon, Ironman, etc. we have to deal with the bitter cold, crazy windchill, frigid rain and tons of snow. Therefore, we may face a dilemma between choosing spending long hours in a the dreaded treadmill […]


2 Keys to becoming a stronger cyclist this winter

By Coach Jana  You want to ride your bike, but winter is fast approaching. The snow will be here before you know it, and day light is hard to find. You can either bundle up and head out the door to battle the elements OR you can invest in a bike trainer, and enjoy riding […]


Day Pace vs Plan Pace

By Coach Jorge Anyone training for a Triathlon or a Marathon has experienced the following scenarios: You have particular session in your training plan or provided by your coach, say a long bike ride or a moderate paced run and as soon as you begin the session, your body feels “OFF” and lethargic. Your legs […]


Off-season – Training challenges, are those good?

With the off-season here, there is usually a growing phenomenon that comes with it – we are talking about challenges! This means that athletes in their desire to remain motivated, to try new things or to address areas of their fitness toolbox that may have been neglected during the training season, enlist themselves and recruit a bunch of their friends in a ‘challenge’. But, are they good for you?


Bike Trainer Indoor workouts

For those days when you are stuck training indoors, we share with you 4 popular workouts we use with our athletes. All you need is an indoor trainer (or you can even a stationary or spin bike), some water/sports drinks to hydrate and preferably if you have a fan to cool you down and a […]